New Year, New Skin: How to Revive Your Skin After the Holidays

The holiday season has come and gone, and although it’s left us with merriment and memories, it’s also taken a toll on our overall health and skin. Holiday stress, drinks, alcohol, sugar and starchy meals (while wonderful at the time) can all leave their marks in the form of congested pores, dry and dull complexions, puffy eyes and an overall lackluster appearance.

But not all is lost! January means a new year is ahead, and even the smallest steps can make the greatest impact. Revive your skin and bring it back to life with a few (achievable!) skincare hacks.

Actually wash your face

Sorry, but makeup remover wipes don't count. Makeup wipes are great to wipe away stubborn lipstick or mascara, but not much more, and can actually end up causing congestion or irritation in your skin. Make a resolution in January to cleanse your skin the right way. We promise, you’ll see a difference. Remove your makeup first, then clean your face using a gentle cleanser like Skinceuticals Simply Clean ($34).


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

So you’ve overindulged a bit — eggnog, wine and festive drinks. We know that alcohol during the holidays contributes to dehydration, but it’s easy to get back on track by increasing your water intake. Try and drink two full glasses of water when you wake up, before you go to bed and before every meal. You’ll feel replenished mentally, physically, and your skin will thank you.


SkinMedica’s HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator ($178) is one of our can’t-live-without-it products for keeping skin hydrated and plump. Add a touch of water to your hand before massaging it into your skin to maximize its hydrating benefits!

See a professional!

Professional exfoliation treatments - such as microdermabrasion - can give the skin a deeper clean than at-home exfoliants alone. Regular exfoliating treatments can keep your skin looking bright and clean, while allowing for maximum absorption of your skincare products - helping you get the most benefit out of your at-home skincare routine!

We recommend pairing a microdermabrasion treatment ($75 for face and neck) with a hydrating facial like the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial ($150), our most popular facial for its instantly visible results.


UVA, UVB and infrared rays don’t take time off during the holidays. They can still damage your skin when it's cold and cloudy, and SPF should be just as much a part of your skincare routine whether it’s January or July. We recommend SkinMedica Total Defense and Repair Sunscreen ($68) year round to reduce wrinkles and spots and protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays.

Eat real food

The holidays bring an excess of sugar-laden treats and heavy food, and while it’s fun to indulge, it can also lead to a pretty dull complexion. Because diet plays a huge role in your skin’s ability to retain moisture, try cutting sugar when possible - for example, swapping your flavored latte for an unsweetened green tea - and increasing your fruit and veggie intake to bring moisture back into your skin.


Clean your screen(s)!

Clean your screen, seriously. Phones are covered in bacteria that can end up directly on your hands and face. Wipe your phone, computer keyboard and mouse when you get back to the office with an antibacterial wipe and keep germs and breakouts at bay. Dr. Majewski carries these lens cleaning wipes (Amazon, $26.99 for 400 wipes) with him everywhere he goes to keep his glasses and screens clean!


Don't neglect your lips

Winter can cause dryness everywhere, especially the lips. Exfoliate and moisturize regularly. Don’t be afraid to give your lips a gentle scrub when you’re exfoliating your face. To really make a difference with your pout, try the SkinMedica HA5 Smooth and Plump Lip System ($68), a combo product that delivers hyaluronic serum, antioxidants and peptides to smooth the texture and lines around the lips, while plumping them to look more defined.


Do a caffeine swap

Try herbal tea instead of coffee. Sure, a cup of joe might seem like a morning necessity, but it can also be incredibly dehydrating. Swap it for a cup of calming, naturally caffeine-free tea (peppermint, ginger or chamomile) a few times a week in the new year, and you’ll keep your body and skin happy. P.S. Leave the sugary coffee drinks in 2018 — they can lead to breakouts and unwanted energy swings.


Make 2019 Your Best Skin Year Ever!

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