Keloids are abnormal scars that outgrow the extent of initial injury. They are more common among people with darkly pigmented skin, but can occur in all races. They result from overproduction of fibrotic material (mostly collagen) by abnormal cells (myofibroblasts). Dr. Majewski regularly helps patients improve the appearance of keloids through a variety of methods.

Keloids frequently occur at the sites of body piercing (especially earlobes). Some anatomic areas are prone to developing keloid scars (central chest, back and shoulders). They can result from trauma or surgery, but also from minor skin injuries like scratches, abrasions, insect bites, acne, or burns.

They are not malignant or infectious, but can result in significant disfigurement and be associated with itching and even pain. They are different from hypertrophic scars that are thickened, raised and red, but limited to the size of the initial injury - for these types of scars, Dr. Majewski can do a scar revision.

Treatment of keloids can be quite challenging due to high rate of recurrence, but there are several treatment options that can improve their appearance including:

  • Surgical excision

  • Compression (good option for earlobes)

  • Silicone sheets

  • Injection of steroids

  • Superficial radiation (usually coordinated with surgical excision of keloid)

During your consultation, Dr. Majewski will assess your keloid scars and provide his recommendation based on your medical history, location and size of your keloids, and any previous treatments you’ve had to reduce the appearance of your keloids.

It’s important to note that while these treatments can improve the appearance of keloid scars, we cannot guarantee that the scars will not form again. Recurrence is unfortunately quite common with keloid scars. That said, treatment can improve the appearance of the affected area, and in some cases improve the function as well - so it’s worth getting them treated if possible.

Insurance will cover the cost of treatment of some keloid scars, but not all. During your initial consultation, we will help you understand your coverage and discuss payment options.

If you have a keloid scar that is bothering you for aesthetic or functional reasons, schedule a consultation with Dr. Majewski to see what he can do for you.