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Scar Revisions

Scars can result from surgery, trauma (accidents, burns, dog bites etc.), skin conditions (for example: acne). Some scars will look good and fade over time (although scars usually do not "disappear" completely), but some may cause a problem, either from an aesthetic (appearance) or functional point of view. 

Abnormal scarring can cause:

  • Discomfort / pain
  • Limitation of motion (especially scars crossing a joint: finger, elbow, armpit etc.)
  • Deformity affecting daily activities (for example: lip scar resulting in drooling)
  • Deformity that may result in more severe problem (for example: eyelid scar that result in incomplete eyelid closure and subsequent dryness and ulceration of the cornea)

During initial consultation Dr. Majewski will discuss the problem with you and offer a solution to improve the symptoms. The procedure offered will depend on the location of the scar, its size, deformity caused by the scar, availability of the local tissues and other factors. The procedure may consist of dermabrasion, simple scar excision and closure, flap or skin graft or some other technique. Details of the procedure, alternative options (if available), risks and complications, recovery will be discussed. 

Most of those procedures are done in the office under local anesthesia. Occasionally, due to the location, size or type of the scar, revision in the operating room may be needed. 

Before & after photos coming soon.