My miraDry® Experience

Do you struggle with underarm sweat, odor, or hair? Excessive underarm sweat can be embarrassing and inconvenient - but luckily, you don’t have to suffer forever!

miraDry® is the only noninvasive, FDA-cleared treatment that will free you from the bothersome problems of underarm sweat. By eliminating the sweat and odor glands, you can feel confident that your underarms will remain dry in any situation. miraDry® also reduces or eliminates the growth of underarm hair - so no more having to worry about whether you shaved before wearing sleeveless tops! Many patients say that they are able to stop wearing any sort of deodorant or antiperspirant after just one miraDry® treatment. Amazing!

The miraDry® treatment is minimally invasive and can be performed with local anesthesia (injections that will numb your underarm area). Most patients experience little to no downtime and return to work or other daily activities immediately following treatment.

Curious to learn more about this revolutionary treatment? We sat down with Susannah V., a Jonesboro local who recently had miraDry® done to learn more about her experience.

Q: What issues drove you to pursuing a miraDry® treatment? (Sweat, odor, hair, etc.)

I suffer from hyperhydrosis so I would sweat only under my arms uncontrollably! The odor was awful and no deodorant would cover it.

Q: What other solutions had you tried until that point? (Clinical strength deodorant, Botox injections, etc.)

I tried every clinical strength deodorant and men’s deodorant you could think of! I actually did get Botox done for it and my results weren’t that great.

Q: What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever done to prevent sweat stains/odors?

Honestly I would look up ways on Pinterest to combat the odor! I tried essential oils and it was a fail!

How did you first hear about miraDry?

I saw it come up on my Facebook so I looked into it and I’m so glad I did!

What questions did you have about miraDry before your treatment?

I wondered how safe it was honestly because you would think killing your sweat glands under your arm wouldn’t be but my doctor explained to me that we have 2 million sweat glands in our bodies and only about 2% are in the armpit so it’s completely safe and nothing to worry about!

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What were your goals for your treatment?

My goals were to stop sweating, stop smelling, and have less hair and so far after 1 week after treatment MiraDry has accomplished all of those goals for me.

Can you describe your treatment experience? How did it feel? How long did it take?

My experience during the treatment was very pleasant. The numbing was honestly the worst part and it was not bad at all! The needles are so tiny you barely feel them and they completely numb you so you don’t feel the actual procedure at all. It took me about an hour and a half to get it done.

What was recovery like from your miraDry treatment?

The recovery is not bad. You will be swollen and sore for a few days but it is not bad at all!! If you ice your arm pits for 2 days and take Advil the swelling will go down quickly.

When did you start seeing results after your treatment?

I noticed about 2 days after the treatment once my swelling went down a little. I was outside letting my dog out in 90 degree weather with NO deodorant on and I did not have an ounce of sweat or odor. I even got a napkin and blotter my under arms to see if I was wet and there was absolutely nothing!

What tips do you have for others interested in trying for miraDry?

My tips are do not be nervous going into it because it’s painless. And for recovery just try not to be active for about a day or 2. My case was different since I am a hairdresser I couldn’t move my arms around a lot for my job, but if you don’t need your arms to be active during your job then you would be totally fine to work the next day as long as you keep ice on them! Helpful tip: freeze small water bottles because they fit perfectly under your arm to help minimize swelling!

Anything else you'd like to share about miraDry?

JUST DO IT!!! I am so extremely happy with my results I have not used deodorant one time since my treatment 7 days ago and I have absolutely no odor or sweat. It’s honestly the best thing I’ve done for myself!

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