Bridal Beauty: The Secret to Preventing Sweat on your Wedding Day

Your walk down the aisle is one that you’ll never forget, but whether your wedding is taking place in the scorching summer months or you’re just feeling nerves, sweat can put a damper on the big day. When deodorants and antiperspirants aren’t doing the trick, some brides and grooms are opting for treatments that will help sweat-proof their wedding day.

One such treatment is miraDry®. Using a microwave technology (not that microwave technology), miraDry® reduces the number of active sweat glands under your arms, which means patients experience less sweat and odor. The non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment features “non-ionizing” microwaves — as safe as radio waves — that deliver heat below the skin to permanently reduce underarm sweat, odor and hair.  

When it comes to non-surgical treatments, miraDry actually has the highest patient satisfaction rating on — more than 100,000 treatments have been performed worldwide, with patients typically choosing the treatment for a quick but permanent solution, to stop excessive sweating or to stop using prescription antiperspirants altogether.

What to Expect from Treatment

During your treatment, your underarms will be numbed for your comfort and marked with a template. The treatment itself uses a handheld device that delivers a cooling sensation as it works, so although you’ll feel some suction, you likely won’t notice unpleasant heat or pain. For the next days to weeks, you may experience swelling, bruising, or numbness, although these side effects are typically mild and go away over time. Most patients find that ice packs and an OTC pain medication are sufficient for minimizing discomfort in the first day or two after treatment.

Most patients see results after just one treatment, and because there’s little to no downtime, brides and grooms can work it seamlessly into their wedding planning. According to RealSelf users, some say the results are instantaneous, while others say they take a few days.

Because there can be some swelling related to the procedure, Dr. Majewski recommends getting the treatment a month or longer in advance so that your underarms have time to fully recover.

Lasting Results

The best part about miraDry is that it is the only FDA-approved treatment for underarm sweat, odor, and hair that is actually permanent. After your treatment, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of having dry, fresh underarms for years to come - letting you start your wedded life feeling confident and fresh!

Here’s what one patient had to say about her results: “Although I was never a sweaty person per se, I always struggled with embarrassing odor from my underarms, especially when I was stressed. I was always worried about how my underarms smelled, especially at times when I really wanted to feel confident - like during important meetings, when attending friends’ weddings, etc.

I’m ecstatic to report that thanks to miraDry, I no longer wear deodorant - at all - and I feel confident raising the roof at weddings knowing that I won’t stink! It’s so nice not having to worry about getting white marks on my clothes, and I finally feel comfortable wearing my nice sweaters without having to get them dry-cleaned after just a few hours of wear. I had no idea how much my underarms were getting in the way of feeling confident. This is 100% worth it for anyone who is sick of having to deal with sweat and odor!”

Sweat-Proof Your Wedding Day!

If you’re looking to sweat-proof your wedding day, schedule a consultation here at Majewski Plastic Surgery, the exclusive provider of miraDry in both Northeast Arkansas and the Memphis area. As part of our Bridal Beauty perks program, brides receive $250 off their miraDry treatment and a free consultation with Dr. Majewski - so don’t forget to mention that you’re a bride when you come in for your consultation!