Why Winter is the Best Time for Plastic Surgery

Considering plastic surgery this year? There are plenty of factors to take into account when scheduling any operation or treatment, whether it’s liposuction, a breast aug, rhinoplasty, facelift, or others. But one of the most important decisions is nailing down the right time to schedule it! Seasonal events, children, work and travel all factor in, but one season stands out for a reason: Winter!

In fact, the Wall Street Journal reported the final days in December as the busiest time of the year for plastic surgeons. Our clinic is certainly bustling around the holidays! Here are a few reasons why:


Sweater Weather!

Cozy sweaters and loose, comfortable clothing are staples of winter wardrobes. And because many patients prefer to recover under wraps, cold-weather apparel can make it easier to ease into your ‘transformation,' concealing any scars or signs of surgery. Getting breast implants in December, for example, means that you can wear sweaters and coats while you heal for both comfort and discreetness.

Summer Body

Sure, you can often go out in public confidently within a week or two of most procedures. But your results will only continue to improve! You may not be photo-ready for several months, which means you’ll be right on track to flaunt your results when warmer weather comes. Don’t waste your summer—use the winter season as time to recover from any long-desired procedure.


Stay Out of the Sun 

Vital to most recoveries—especially facial operations such as facelifts, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or brow lifts—is rest and recovery AWAY from direct sunlight. Winter surgeries certainly make it easier to follow the doc’s orders. 



We understand that your access to downtime will depend on your job and children or family circumstances. But for many, winter surgeries scheduled around December holidays provide a perfect window. Typically a slow time for many businesses, end-of-year vacation days and long holiday weekends can assist in your recovery time. Teachers on winter vacation may prefer the holidays, as might avid runners when the weather is poor.


Ask For It As a Gift

If you’ve been talking with your husband about getting a Mommy Makeover, or with your close friend about a breast lift, consider asking for gift certificates as a Christmas present.  

TIP: Because winter is a popular time to undergo treatments, don’t wait to schedule consultations! Now is the time to meet with Dr. Majewski. Schedule your consultation by clicking the button below!