5 Reasons You Should Choose A Plastic Surgeon As Your Injector

Thinking about getting facial injections? You aren’t alone - among the 15.7 million cosmetic minimally invasive procedures performed in 2017, nearly 10 million were Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox®, Dysport®) and Soft Tissue Fillers (Restylane®, Sculptra®, and others).

Injectables are a safe, minimally-invasive way to restore lost volume, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve facial contours in a subtle, natural-looking way - when injected properly. However, when performed by an untrained or inexperienced injector, these treatments can backfire - changing your appearance in an unwanted way, costing more than they should, and even leading to unplanned medical complications.

With injectables becoming more popular than ever, many medical professionals - not just doctors - are looking to supplement their existing practice or make a move into the world of aesthetics. Physicians, dentists, nurses, and PAs can all inject Botox® and fillers in the state of Arkansas - but the training, experience, and expertise between injectors varies greatly.

Board-certified plastic surgeons - especially those with extensive injecting experience like Dr. Majewski - remain the safest and smartest choice for facial injections. Read on to learn why the education, training, and experience that plastic surgeons receive makes them uniquely qualified to inject Botox and fillers.

Who Can Perform Facial Injections?

When Botox® first hit the market in 2002, it was primarily used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists for very specific uses. However, as the popularity of Botox and fillers grew and new uses for them were discovered, more medical professionals began performing facial injections.

Today, plastic surgeons and dermatologists continue to be the most trusted providers of facial injections - but other physicians, as well as medical professionals without MDs, are also offering injections to their patients/clients.

Who is allowed to inject? It varies state to state - but in Arkansas, you could get injections from:

  • Dentists

  • Other Physicians - Including Family Practice, OBGYN, and Others

  • RNs

  • Nurse Practitioners

  • Physician Assistants

Why Does It Matter?

Although all of these professionals should undergo some training to perform injections, they still might not have the experience or knowledge to consistently achieve satisfactory results.

Performing facial injections is a delicate balance of science (an understanding of facial anatomy and physiology) and art (an eye for a natural, balanced aesthetic). An experienced professional might make it look simple - but performing injections well requires injectors to:

  • Determine whether or not you are a candidate for injections based on your medical history

  • Select the most appropriate product for your needs

  • Select the right dilution of that product for your needs

  • Determine the right amount of product to inject

  • Determine the ideal placement of the injections to create a balanced, natural look

  • Be able to recognize and deal with any complications that might arise

Many patients don’t realize is that facial injections are not one size fits all - they should be tailored to your goals, your specific facial anatomy and physiology, your medical history, your unique aging process, and other factors that can drastically affect your results.

If an injector seems to follow one basic recipe for all their patients, they won’t be able to give you the best results. It’s the difference between buying a dress off the rack and getting one custom cut to fit your body - one might suit you just fine, but the other will enhance your natural beauty and make you look and feel like a million bucks.

Another factor to consider when choosing your injector is that injectors are responsible for diluting (reconstituting) some of these products to the appropriate consistency for the type of treatment they’re doing. Although all injectors should follow guidelines laid forth by the companies that produce them, many injectors dilute the products dishonestly to increase their profits. If you find injectables at prices that seem too good to be true - it’s because they are.



While all physicians are required to have a deep understanding of the human body and how it works - not all physicians are taught to examine and understand the face and body from an aesthetic perspective.

Plastic surgeons undergo years of rigorous training to understand how surgical and non-surgical treatments will impact the appearance and function of treated areas. Although physicians in other specialties might bring a unique perspective - such as dermatologists, with their knowledge of skin, and dentists, with their deep understanding of oral and maxillofacial anatomy - none receive the same blend of aesthetic and medical training as plastic surgeons that makes them uniquely qualified to perform cosmetic injections.

Plastic Surgeons Undergo Continued Education

In addition to the training they receive in medical school, their residencies, and beyond, plastic surgeons are required to renew their board certifications every 10 years. They are also required to attend a certain number of hours of additional educational courses, symposia, etc. every year to maintain their status.


Plastic surgery was also the first specialty that required their members to obtain continuous medical education hours dedicated solely to patient safety. In addition to this education, good plastic surgeons understand that the field of aesthetic medicine is always evolving - so they participate in additional conferences, seminars, and workshops to stay up to date about the most current practices, products, and techniques.

Dr. Majewski regularly attends conferences by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and other organizations focused on promoting the effectiveness and safety of aesthetic practices. He stays up to date on the latest aesthetic research to ensure that he’s providing his patients with the most advanced, safest, and most effective treatments available.


Every day, plastic surgeons assess patients for cosmetic and reconstructive treatments, evaluate their treatment options, and develop plans to help them achieve their desired aesthetic and functional outcomes. As such, experienced plastic surgeons are sought after for not only their technical abilities as surgeons - but for the “eye” they develop that helps them achieve consistently beautiful results.

While dentists, family practice physicians, and other medical professionals undergo rigorous training to understand facial anatomy and physiology - they spend far less time developing this “eye”. Most of their time is spent evaluating patients’ medical conditions and developing treatment plans to alleviate pain, improve function, increase mobility, and increase overall health and wellbeing. More experienced injectors will have a better-defined aesthetic sense, but patients should be wary of less experienced injectors who have yet to refine their methods.

Dr. Majewski has been practicing in Jonesboro for over 17 years, and has been performing injections just as long. He understands the nuances of each of the products he uses, and how to use them to help his patients achieve long-lasting, natural-looking results.

Plastic Surgeons Inject for Long-Term Results


Many people believe that facial injections are a quick fix, and they can be - but not every issue can be addressed in a single session, nor can a single injection provide long-lasting results. An injectables regimen requires regular maintenance to achieve the best, longest-lasting results. Often, patients will use price as the determining factor when choosing their injector - but what you should really focus on is value. Choosing a more experienced injector, and developing a lasting relationship with them (rather than hopping around to get the best prices), is the best way to ensure that you’ll get the most out of this cosmetic investment.

When assessing you as a candidate for facial injections, Dr. Majewski considers more than just your current appearance and how to improve it in the immediate future. He considers your medical history, and how past facial traumas, surgeries, or injections might impact your results. He evaluates your desired outcomes, and whether or not they can be achieved through facial injections. He assesses how your face and hands have aged to date, and how they might continue to age over time - and develops a treatment plan that will provide the most natural-looking, subtle, and beautiful results.


As wonderful as facial injections can be, they’re not always the best solution to address your concerns. If you’re looking to injectables to fight signs of aging, there are other options you might also consider. For example, if you simply want to soften lines, add volume, and get a subtly more youthful look, injectables are a safe, quick option with no downtime. However, if you’re looking for a more definitive, longer-lasting, or more dramatic result - you might consider a surgical procedure such as a brow/forehead lift or face lift.

Some patients get injections not for anti-aging purposes, but to add volume to their lips or cheeks. Fillers can be a great option for this - but some patients would benefit more from a simple surgical lip lift, which wouldn’t require the maintenance (and cost over time) of fillers.

An experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon can guide you through all of your options, including minimally invasive treatments and surgical procedures - and advise you towards the option that will be the best investment of your time and money. An injector with less training and no surgical offerings may not be as discerning. They may even try to “add more syringes” (i.e. expense to you) in an attempt to achieve a result that simply cannot be achieved with injectables alone.

Not only can this leave you with a hole in your pocket, your results will be unsatisfactory at best - and painfully unflattering and noticeably detectable at worst. Most patients want their injectable treatments to leave them looking healthy, revitalized, and well-rested - but still natural, and age-appropriate. When limited as to the treatments they can provide you, less experienced injectors might use injections in ways that they simply should not be used - leaving you with less than satisfactory results.


Facial injections can be a subtle, safe, and minimally invasive way to enhance your natural beauty - as long as your injector has the experience and expertise to do them properly.

We know you have many options when it comes to injectors, in Jonesboro as well as in Memphis, Little Rock, and beyond. We encourage you to do your research, read reviews, view photos, and ask for the opinions of trusted friends. During your consultation, don’t be afraid to ask about your injector’s experience, training, and knowledge about the specific type of treatment you’re looking to receive. If you aren’t satisfied with their answers, schedule a consultation with someone else.

If price is a determining factor for you, remember that facial injections are an investment in yourself. Focus on finding an injector that you trust to make the most of your investment - then learn as much as you can about your payment options. At Majewski Plastic Surgery and Spa, we offer CareCredit® to help patients finance their treatments.

Do you have any questions about Botox® or fillers? Reach out to us at hello@majewskips.com and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

Dr. Majewski is absolutely wonderful. I love my results from the Botox and filler he injected for me. He is very knowledgeable about his procedures and everything was flawless with my injections. He’s also very personable. He is definitely the best! His office staff and nurse are very kind. There was no awkward stuffiness in the office, which always makes things more pleasant.
— M.B., Botox and Filler Patient



Dr. Majewski has been performing facial injections for over 17 years, has been named Best Plastic Surgeon by readers of Jonesboro Occasions magazine 6 years in a row.

He is board-certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery, and an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Inc., and the Fellow American College of Surgeons. He is also one of 10% of doctors who have achieved Top Contributor status on RealSelf.

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