What to Expect from Your CoolSculpting Treatment

Thinking about getting CoolSculpting®? CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive, effective fat reduction treatment that is taking the aesthetics world by storm! Our aesthetician Wendy Onek recently received her first CoolSculpting treatment - here are her tips for what to expect on your treatment day!


What does it feel like during the treatment?

When you come in for treatment, Jana starts by marking where she'll be placing the applicators. Then she positions you in the chair and places various pillows so that the applicator stays in place and you feel comfortable.

For the actual treatment - I knew it would feel cold, and I was a little worried that I'd be freezing the whole time, but that wasn't the case! It feels like a very cold suction cup for the first few minutes, and then you go numb and you really don’t feel anything. Jana gave me a blanket and kept the room at a comfortable temperature. I worked, ate lunch, watched TV, and listened to music on my phone during the treatment. 

What does it feel like after treatment?

After the treatment, I felt mild discomfort that felt a little like a bruise - but nothing that kept me from being active. Jana told me this is pretty typical. I was in the gym the next day!

What should you wear?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. That way it’s easier for Jana to move it out of the way of the applicators and away from the gel. Depending on what area you're getting treated, you may need to remove your clothing or you may not. 


How long does it take?

The time varies depending on how many applicators and what area is being treated. We treated my abdomen this time, which takes four applicators - so four rounds of 35 minutes, plus the time between each treatment to remove and place the next applicator. My treatment took a total of about 3 hours this time. I'll come back in a few months for my next treatment.

What else should you bring with you?

Bring something to occupy your time! There is a large TV in the room but you’re welcome to listen to music on your phone, etc. Whatever will make your time more enjoyable. Some water and a light snack might be good to bring too depending on how long your treatment will be.


For the abdomen treatment, I had full use of my arms and was able to work on my computer - we actually had a marketing meeting during my treatment! Some treatments might limit you a bit more - like if you're getting your arms treated - so you might download some podcasts or choose a different activity that won't require you to move much. 

Any other tips?

Keep your expectations realistic. CoolSculpting® was designed to target stubborn fat, not give you an instant six-pack. The best way to get the most from your experience is to do your part as well by maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. I've been eating healthy and going to the gym, but still have a little excess fat in my tummy from after I had my baby. I'm looking forward to seeing how CoolSculpting® helps to shape my tummy!