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Fat Grafting

Fat grafting (or fat transfer) is a procedure consisting of harvesting fat cells from one area of the body and injecting them somewhere else. The harvested fat is processed to separate the fat cells from tissue fluids to achieve high concentration and maximize the "take", i.e. survival of harvested cells. 

These cells will survive only if blood vessels provide them with necessary nutrients.  The survival rate varies and depends on harvesting and re-injection technique, quality of recipient site and many other factors.

Fat transfer is a very versatile tool and can be used in numerous scenarios:

  • Enhancing volume of various body areas (face, breast)
  • Enhancing or replenishing facial volume (revolumizing)
  • Filling up facial lines
  • Correcting breast deformities after cosmetic breast procedures or breast reconstruction
  • Improving appearance of depressed scars or post-traumatic depressions
  • Improving appearance of post-liposuction deformities

Before & after photos coming soon.

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